Yunadent Jar 2 Pack


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Combo pack of 2 units MRP is  Rs. 318 –  Offer price Rs.  275 only .

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DIRECT DIP of TOOTH BRUSH in JAR. approx 150 times the brush can be dipped in and it has no wastage , and this 25g jar powder quantity is sufficient for 2 months, if used by single person

This Powder is made with all Organic Ayurvedic ingredients and completely natural and safe for all age group.

It heals 7 problems within a few days, such as Sensitivity, Bleeding gums, Dental pain, Cavity cleansing, Jaw weakness, Removal of Plaque and Removal of tartar, If used daily twice a day for minimum 2 minutes.
It can be used lifelong daily for Oral hygiene to keep teeth and gums Healthy, FOREVER.

NOTE : Toothbrush Is Not Part Of The Deal – FREE SHIPPING

Additional Information

Weight50 g
Dimensions14 × 9 × 4 cm

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