Yunadent Gel ( Paste ) 90g x 2 Packs ( 90g+90g)


270.00 Inc. GST

Combo pack of 2 units MRP is Rs 270 -FREE SHIPPING

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This Gel is made with all Organic Ayurvedic ingredients and completely natural and safe for all age group.

It heals 7 problems within a few days, such as Sensitivity, Bleeding gums, Dental pain, Cavity cleansing, Jaw weakness, Removal of Plaque and Removal of tartar, If used daily twice a day for minimum 2 minutes. Please follow the directions to use as mentioned on label for better results.

It can be used lifelong daily for Oral hygiene to keep teeth and gums Healthy, FOREVER.
Combo pack of 2 units MRP is Rs 270 -. BUY NOW

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