Intially ,Formulation of Yunadent Ayurvedic tooth powder was developed by late Yunani Vaid shri. Mahendra Kumar ,who was practicing Ayurveda and Yunani Medicine in Jaipur (India) . Before the formal production of YUNADENT by his son Rohit vohra , he use to dispense this Dental powder to the dental patients having problems like Sensitivity ,Bleeding of gums, Dental pain,Caries and cavity cleansing,  poor dental strength,   stains due to  tobacco and pan-gutka ( beetal nut chewing habit )  users.

Prior to the commercial launch of YUNADENT Ayurveda Tooth Powder, a detailed study was done to make this product so appropriate , that it can be used not only as an Ayurveda healer  but also as a regular Ayurveda tooth powder for daily oral hygiene use , so that user can prevent teeth and gums problems .

Development of YUNADENT  GEL  as Ayurveda healer  is done after having an experience of selling the powder , while developing this formulation we ensure that  it should be “effective and  safe ” for all age group , should not be have any harmful ingredients, and the results were quite satisfactory. We use water base extracts of  Organically grown herbs in YUNADENT AYURVEDIC DENTIST – GEL and we do not use SLS ( sodium laurel sulfate )  as forming agent.

In most of the Cases Healing starts from 1st Day  and by 10th Day  they feel 100% relived from the problem.


Yuandent is Intellectual property of AHRI, Yunadent Ayurvedic Tooth Powder and gel is being produced using mainly natural technology of Sun drying,  cold grinding, using water base extract,the skilled labour under very hygienic conditions in ISO and GMP certified facilities. The key result area of producing quality product is buying high quality of natural pesticides free herbs in most suitable season and then processing / packing under strict quality control methods. Our all extracts are Standardized.

Nature is the best technology that human has ever seen. we make sure that we do not change or process any herb by any method which changes its organic and therapeutic value. We do not  SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) in Gel  and any preservative in powder form At all.


We have two Production units , One at Jaipur -Rajasthan State having production capacity of 45,000 Units of powder per month

Another 3rd Party Manufacturing Unit is  in Ahmadabad -Gujarat State .  , having production capacity of  500000 units  Gel / pastes per month,

Our Both Manufacturing units are GMP certified and has Ayurveda manufacturing License . every batch passed thru strict quality control methods. Products are well tested in world class testing lab facility, for Stability test  and Heavy Metal tests.

Approvals ,Reorganization, Awards, certification and Memberships

  • Yunadent is duly approved by Indian Government Ayurveda Department, Ajmer, Rajasthan India. and Ahmadabad -Gujrat .
  • Yunadent is registered Trade Mark with registration No. 1173447 B  in Class 5
  • Yuna is also our registered Trade Mark No.1782855 In Class 3
  • Honored by the State Minister of Industries of Rajasthan.
  • Honored by the Sectary to the Ministry of Agro and small scale industries of India, Central Government Ministry, New Delhi.
  • Honored by Governor of Rajasthan State.

AHRI has participated with the Product Yunadent Ayurvedic Tooth Powder in the following events and appreciated by masses

  • GMP Good Manufacturing Practices, certified by Government of India
  • AMAM Ayurvedic Manufacturers Association
  • FICCI ( Federation of Indian chamber of commerce and Industries) New Delhi. India.
  • RCCI ( Rajasthan chamber of commerce and Industries) Jaipur, India.

AHRI has participated with the Yunadent Ayurvedic Tooth Powder in the following events and appreciated by masses.

  • Aarogaya – 2003 Held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
  • National Book Fair, Jaipur – 2003
  • National Health Fair, Jaipur – 2004
  • National Trade Fair, Jaipur – 2004
  • Ayush – 2008
  • Patrika Fair – 2008
  • Biofach – Nuremberg Germany 2007
  • Biofach – Banglaore 2009
  • Aha Zindagi – 2009
  • Baltimore – USA 2015.