Consumer Testimonies

20 July.,16 Mohammad Arif A-243,girdhari pura A block , Heera pura power house. Jaipur
  My mother was suffering from sensitivity, one of my friend suggested me Yunadent paste for this problem. i used it and now she has no such complain , is took approx 4 days to completely stop sensitivity , earlier it used to quite often and use to smell bad. Now she has bright teeth and no sensitivity.
09 Jan.,13 Dr Amrit sharma Modi kathi , Radhakrishan puram wand no 33 . sikar. Contact No. - 9928514451
  Yunadent is incomparable dental remedy.
08 Jan.,13 Wg. cdr. G.R Sharda , 7 Anita colony, Jaipur Contact No -9829019053
  yunadent is excellent dental massage powder. Used and found really good.
06 July.,16 Sunil Ajmera 81, Shivaji nagar, Civil lines Jaipur 302006 India Contact no. 9828023235
  I have been using Yunadent toothpaste at bed time since many years. Now it has become a good habit. It makes me feel fresh n confident. Being free from harmful chemicals, it has a high safety profile for people like me who are prone for allergy to chemicals
15 Dec.,15 Dr Sunil Gupta MS(Ophth)FAGE Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Ram Avtar Eye Hospital & Glaucoma Pavilion, C-17,Bhagat Singh Marg,Tilak Nagar,(opp LBS College, RajaPark) Jaipur(302004) Phone:0141 2621448 Mobile 9829061448 Website:
  I have been using Yunadent toothpaste at bed time since many years.Now it has become a good habit.It makes me feel fresh n confident. Being free from harmful chemicals,it has a high safety profile for people like me who are prone for allergy to chemicals.
15 Dec.,15 Atul Khendelwal State tower. 1055/579,29th floor,Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand. Cell no +66896690091
  I have been using yunadent for quite sometime now and i am very satisfied with the product. The toothpaste tastes of mints and herbs which is very delectable. It also cleans the cavity like no other toothpaste and also in a very reasonable price. It also provides long lasting mouth freshness and you won't regret using this product
06 July.,16 Anita Taneja C/o Softech Computers Delhi Ltd. 105 Jyuoti Shikhar Building Distich center Janak puri New Delhi - 110058 Cell - 981853 6671
  I have been using Yunadent Toothpowder since last 3 years and found that its an Excellant tooth Powder. All My family members are using it , and i have recommended it to many people in my friend circle. All teeth related problems are taken care off by this tooth powder Thanks Rohit Ji for such a quality .
15 Dec.,15 Anil Ajmera K-14 / B, Ashok Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur - 302001
  I've been using Yunadent Aayamherbal toothpaste, regularly, since almost 3 years and am fully satisfied with the results. It's really helpful in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, free from infections, pains and bleeding. You just need a very small quantity of it, and it works wonders. It's very refreshing and leaves your mouth free from bad breath. Also the natural ingredients are not at all harmful for one's body, tastes very good, smells very fresh and organic.
06 July.,16 SANJAY PAREEK A-601 Anukampa Apartment Trimurty Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur-302017
  I had been changing my toothpaste frequently until I had tried YUNADENT Paste which was gifted by my dear friend Mr. ROHIT for the first time 3 years back since then I have not changed my toothpaste , the level of freshness & smoothness it gives no other toothpaste has given me in the past. I therefore recommend YUNADENT paste to friends & relatives to at least once give it a try & I am sure those who have tried or will try will stick to the same. Cheers !
08 Aug., 11 Purnish Sareen, Building no 1 oppsite LBS collage, tilak nagar - jaipur. Cell - 9887300034
  I really appreciate your efforts and achievement  in developing a wonderful toothpaste "Yunadent" . i am using that since almost 15 days find some wonderful effects which are as under 
1) Polish on the teeth is much better than any other toothpaste used by me so far.
2) Taste is very natural .
3) Your claim for not feeling cold is very true, it helps in that.
4) It is very smooth and no roughness is seen as in other organic products .
5) The price is also reasonable.
I wish your company all the  success in this new venture and hope ur company grows in leaps and bounds.
04 Jul., 11 Dr. K.L. Jain, Hony. Secy RCCI. Jaipur. Phone: 0141 2561419
  "I used Organic Ayurvedic medicine - Yunadent, i found the product of immense benefit, i am sure that the users will be benefitted and will get rid off their tooth ailments."
03 Jun., 11 H.C. Ajmera – Advocate 9314567369 – Room No 10, 1st Floor, Aggarwal Collage Building, Agra Road, Jaipur.
  "My entire family is using YUNADENT TOOTH POWDER and after using your tooth powder we have not used any other tooth powder or paste since it is made of pure herbs extract, apart from this we have used your ORGANIC YUNADENT Ayurvedic medicine which is also liked by every member of our family, now my age is 70 years and even toothache is also not their, product is very good but not available on all shops i have to call Customer care number for delivery, pl make it available all over."
18 Apr., 11 Dipti Agarwal, JLN Marg Jaipur
  "I was given the toothpaste as a gift. It speaks for itself that I have just bought more. After I used it for a month I can say it is the best toothpaste I have used to date. It tastes of mint and herbs, a very likable flavor. My teeth feel clean and healthy after brushing. Worth trying! buy it, you won't regret it"
03 Mar., 11 Ghulam Mahmood Parihar
  "I started using your paste only two months back. I really found it mouth freshing and it gives a sense of using some dental medicine at the same time. I have no hesitation in advising your product to all who are in search of relief to their dental problems like toothache, bad breath, gingivitis, etc. I wish your product pick up market not only in India but across the globe."
02 Mar., 11 Mukesh Aggarwal
Cell 9001000139
445 A, Katewa Nagar, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur
  "I bought Organic Yunadent Ayurvedic medicine when my friend told about it to me, i found it wonderful, prior to this i was using FOREVER brand Aloevera based tooth paste. After using Yunadent Ayurvedic medicine I found the freshness lasted till evening, where as i am a GUTKA user , i also found that the stains are removed , really this is a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine, i have started recommending this to my friends and to my family, we will use it regularly."
09 Feb., 11 Ms, Patricis Zobeck Montt - Cell 08-2289747 - Email: 
Lsciba di balagiicr N -6859, Camuna Vitacura, Eslifiw Pucratas dei lo cunno- Chile South America.
  "I like Organic Yunadent Ayurvedic medicine.. and would like to import to supply further to many natural shops in CHILE, i personally used it , it is very effective l want to import it to CHILE."
08 Dec., 10 Rajendra Kumar
Johri Bazar, Jaipur. Mobile No.: 9571717111
  "My name is Rajendra Kumar, age 60. I live in Johri Bazaar, Jaipur, I use to have lot of pain in my jaw, i have used organic yunadent Ayurvedic medicine with my fore finger in three days time i have no such pain and now i chew quite comfortably."
04 Dec., 10 Aasma
Jaipur. Phone No.: 01412622871
  "My name is Aasma i am student of class 11th in Jaipur, and i have got my braces placed from a reputed dentist in the town – i often use to have “ regular but mild pain” in my jaw line, after using Organic Ayurvedic medicine, it is completely finished."
04 Oct., 09 Ashok Sharma
175 janta nagar sodala jaipur, 99290-03708
  "I was having severe pain my teeth. After using Yunadent tooth powder I felt relief. I am using it from 5 yrs"
04 Oct., 09 Arvind Sharma
  "I am using it from last 1 year"
04 Oct., 09 Sunil Jain
  "I am using from last 1 month & I am getting much benefit from it. I  advice you all to use it"
03 Oct., 09 S.K. Makhija
  "I have been using for the last four years which is very good"
03 Oct., 09 G.D.
  "It has to be in paste form also Quantity should be high"
03 Oct., 09 Devendra Singh Nathawat
  "This tooth powder is really nice"
17 Feb., 09 Pranay Kumar
  "I was suffering heavily from toothaches had a few tooth extracted was on antibiotics & painkillers, saw your Yunadent in a shop at Uttam Nagar (Dhanvantari Ayurvedic something) brushed it for a few days & really saw a half or quarter inch thread like black dead worm coming out with water gargle. Sir contrary to modern belief I saw it the tooth worm, my toothache miraculously vanished. Now I wont take any allopathic medicine which made me suffer so much. Thank you for your miracle drug. you can publish this letter to if you so desire. I am highly obliged."
26 Oct., 08 Radheshyam Sharma
  "I have seen your Yunadent tooth powder in Mathura (U.P.) I purchased it & used it. My family & relatives appreciated it. Early I have written a letter to you,you didn’t see it. Now I request you to send me 500gm Yunadent tooth powder by post Make your customers sikadra (U.P.) so that we can easily get Ayurvedic medicine here"
26 Oct., 08 Ramesh Gunwani
  "The best remedy for my dental problem"
26 Oct., 08 Birla
  "Yunadent powder is good"
26 Oct., 08 R P Sharma
  "YDM gulab jal is very good"
25 Oct., 08 R S
  "To be very good product its cost is less"
23 Oct., 08 O P sharma
81 Bajrang vihar jaipur, 98281-37761
  "This is best"
21 Oct., 08 Mr. Prakash
  "I am already using this product its very useful for teeth"
20 Oct., 08 Dr. R M Sharma
  "I use on my patients & friends good results"
19 Oct., 08 Anju Goyal
  I like it very much
19 Oct., 08 Vishnu Kumar Sharma
  "I feel its good"
19 Oct., 08 Sandeep Sharma
  "I have used Yunadent & it is very good"
18 Oct., 08 Suresh saini
  "I appreciate your workers & products also"
21 Sep., 08 B C Jain
  "Yunadent tooth powder is very good. But beware of duplicate products"
20 Sep., 08 P D
  "Your product is very useful & profitable"
20 Sep., 08 Sunil Chawla
  'Its very nice & useful"
20 Sep., 08 Ravindra singh
  "My mother has problem of gum bleeding after using Yunadent she feels better"
20 Sep., 08 Manoj Joshi
  "Its ok"
19 Sep., 08 Preeti
  "Very nice my family use Yunadent only"
19 Sep., 08 Manju
  "Powder is effective. bad breadth doesn’t come & teeth also sparkle"
19 Sep., 08 Prakash
  "Yunadent tooth powder is very nice"
16 Sep., 08 Deepika
90, gurunankpura raja park jaipur, 93142434
  "Very nice. Pain in tooth is less"
16 Sep., 08 Dr. Ashok Sharma
c-30, 94611-63351
16 Sep., 08 B.K.Pareek
  "Yanudent 100% perfect for dental problems I always have in my house"
15 Sep., 08 Tulsi Sangtani
  "Very good I have used it n stopped taking medicine"
14 Sep., 08 Vijay kr Grover
  "Very useful n cheap from other toothpaste"
14 Sep., 08 Ravi Sachdev
14 Sep., 08 Bhaskar Yadav
  "For brushing teeth maximum time is 1 ½ minutes (90 seconds)"
14 Sep., 08 Kamlesh Saini
  "We cant live without it it is very useful"
14 Sep., 08 Shatrughan
  "Tooth powder is useful"
14 Sep., 08 Murlidas Gulwani
P.N. 134 adarsh nagar jaipur
  "I am using Yunadent tooth powder from last 5 yrs. Its very helpful."
13 Sep., 08 Lalit
6/65 malviya nagar jaipur
  "I feel good."
13 Sep., 08 Arora
  "I feel freshness my teeth sparkle it is a nice product."
13 Sep., 08 Dr. Mahesh kr popli
  "I used Yunadent & found effective in all respect."
13 Sep., 08 Dr. Amar
  "Tooth powder is nice with best wishes."
12 Sep., 08 C.R.
  "I am the old customer of Yunadent."
12 Sep., 08 K.K. Sharma
2/560 jawahar nagar jaipur, 98295-59187
  "I always use Yunadent powder to get better relief in my tooth pain etc."
12 Sep., 08 Shivprasad Gopal
C 187 a tilak nagar jaipur, 98870-72557
  "YDM-Yunadent  tooth powder is really very nice there is no harmful thing in it."
12 Sep., 08 Arvind Ajmera
National Mktg. haed aashirwad tv channel (narayan seva sansthan group), 97990-03062
  "Provide your details through television"
12 Sep., 08 J.L.Gupta
  "The best product for teeth using since last 10 yrs. Please launch big pack for customers."
28 Apr., 08 Mr. C.L. Jain
  "Fed up with duplicate products in delhi & Jaipur. So I am convinced today this is only the original on YDM – Yunadent from aayam herbal."
6 Mar., 08 Narendra Kumar Toshniwal
1/1198 Malviya Nagar Jaipur
  "I am very happy & relaxed for used after my tooth problem this medicated product & used regular."
19 Feb., 08 Mr. Govind Narujan Mathur
Retd. Principal . Govt. College Sikar. Raj , 98315-55022
  "I am very happy & relaxed for used after my tooth problem this medicated product & used regular."
10 Sep., 07 Mr. Hanendra Jain
626 Mahaveer Nagar Jaipur, 98290-67022
  "I am very much surprised of this magical dental medicine. Since I am using YDM Yunadent I never go to doctor"
9 Nov., 06
Harish Poddar
(Jaivik Foods), 98315-55022