Frequently Answered Questions

Q.No. 1. What is YDM Yunadent made of? Is it natural
Ans. YDM - Yunadent is made of precious herbs & duly approved by Govt. of India, Ayurvedic Department Ajmer. It is very safe in using and is made by process such as Solar drying of herbs, hand picked cleaning, grading. Non-heat pulverizing & manually packing as conventional and natural method. natural
Q.No. 2. Can we use YDM-Yunadent regularly?
Ans. Yes, you can use it daily as you do your regular tooth brushing with any paste of powder.

Q.No. 3. I have lot of toothache, will it help in it ?
Ans. Yes, Yunadent has proven to be excellent in toothache in some cases even with in 3 minutes of its usage pain reduces and in few days completely no pain. pain
Q.No. 4. What is Gum Problem?
Ans. The early stage of gum disease gingivitis starts with plaque, plaque is a soft, sticky colorless film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth, if you do not clean your teeth properly, the plaque builds up and the bacteria produce toxins and enzymes that can irritate the gums, Gums can become red swollen sensitive and can bleed on provocation. gum problem
Q.No. 5. How can I prevent Gingivitis?
Ans. A regular use of YDM-Yunadent surely is an effective way. Every night after meal and once in the morning. By Eating a balanced diet, especially one rich in dietary fibers and Fresh fruits Vegetables, milk and fish are also recommended.
Q.No. 6. Can YDM-Yunadent help in Gums problems?
Ans. Yes it helps a lot as First home remedy and effects can be seen within three to four days.
Q.No. 7. What is tooth decay?
Ans. Tooth decay describes the condition where in under a variety of harsh conditions tooth breaks down leading to the formation of a cavity. It starts with a hole/opening in the enamel. If this is not treated, It progressively reaches the deeper sections of the tooth where the pulp and the nerves are causing the tooth to become sensitive to a variety of stimuli and variety of gum problems such as inflammation and swelling, pain, numbness and ultimately tooth loss. tooth decay
Q.No. 8. Is it very common?
Ans. Tooth decay is a common dental ailment that many occur at any time of age, However, since the onset of tooth decay is strongly related to the unregulated consumption of sweets, candy, foods and beverages it tends to affect the young and adolescents more than any other age. One form is diagnosed in nursing infants which is referred to as nursing caries.
Q.No. 9. What can I do if I have tooth decay?
Ans. If you have developed blackened spots on the inner or outer surfaces of teeth, or a sensitive tooth, it is likely that you're in the first stages of tooth decay. Generally this is the time when most of the people do not notice it! And it increases however if you have noticed, Visit your dentist immediately to undertake a comprehensive evolution. If the onset of tooth decay is detected a dentist will follow certain procedures.

1. Will make an opening in the crown and remove the diseases pulp, clean the tooth chambers and root canals and seal them with silver amalgam or a tooth colored material to prevent bacteria form contaminating the canal.

2. The use of YDM-Yunadent that effectively prevents cavities is then suggested, however in some cases when cavity is formed YDM-Yunadent has reported cleaning them when used Twice regularly and with extra time and efforts on the affected teeth.
root canal
Q.No. 10. I often get spasm and bit of pain with bleeding in very small quantity, what is it?
Ans. You need to visit Dentist for Detailed understanding, however if you use YDM-Yunadent for some period it will help in all above indications and you might chew bit better.

bleeding rpoblem
Q.No. 11. Can Children use it?
Ans. Yes, YDM-Yunadent is absolutely fine and safe for all age group.

group smile
Q.No. 12. What are the ingredients of YDM-Yunadent? And How do they help?
Ans. There are 14 various highly effective ingredients in YDM-Yunadent. Although each on them have got various effects but in terms of there efficiency in Tooth powder it is given under:

Name of Herbs (in latin)
Benefits of Herbs (as written in Bhavprakash Niguant')
  1. Pistacia lentiscus
    Higher dental strength
  2. Anacyslus pyrethrum
    Dental Root Healer
  3. Cyperus scariosus
    Germ fighter & fragrance
  4. Clove
    Root's Pain Killer
  5. Piper nigrum
    Herb penetrator
  6. Quercus infectoria
    Stops Bleeding
  7. Bambusa arundinacia
    Cacium supplement
  8. Camphora
    Jaw's Pain Killer
  9. Alum
    Superior Cleaning Agent
  10. Juglans regia
    Gums strengthner
  11. Mimusos elengi
    Tissue healer
  12. Sugar
    Taste neutralizer
  13. Areca catechu
    Tooth powder carrier
  14. Steatite
    Herb smoother
Q.No. 13. Can we use it with Brush?
Ans. Yes, it is more effective if used with brush, how ever after brushing you should massage your Gums with your fore finger for one minute, it will improve your gum health and dental strength life long. brush
Did you know
On an average we need to brush our teeth at least for 180 seconds twice daily.
It is harmful to have cold drinks/ cold water Immediately after hot meals.
It is more Important to clean our teeth before bed time than brushing in the morning.
We must change our tooth brush minimum 4 times in a year.
After every meal one must thoroughly rinse the mouth at least twice.
Most of the dental products are freshening agents than the cleaning, for cleaning of our teeth soft tooth brush and the saliva released in the mouth are excellent media.
Keeping the teeth Healthy and stronger is much more important then keeping them white.
YDM - Yunadent Ayurvedic tooth powder is a combination of such precious Herbs, which cure and secure your Dental power, and it is a wonderful media for prevention.
Like our body needs food and drinks to remain healthy we require special intake orally and special dental care media, not just a Ayurvedic medicine.
The amount and time spent by an average person on dental care is far less than, time and money spent on hair, skin , food, and on shoes, where as it is known to one and all that every thing else can be recovered but not the tooth, We cant transplant tooth, once it is lost.