* No more dental pain, * No more bleeding of gums, * No more plaque, * No more tartar, *No more root canal infections, *No more loose dental strength, No more tartar *No more bacteria, *No more gingivitis, *No more cavity threats, *No more pale ness, *No more synthetic harmful tooth paste, *No more bacteria and germs

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 Ayurvedic medicine
We are expanding our business in almost every part of the world. Aayam Herbal is an exporter and importer of Ayurvedic and Herbal products. YDM Yunadent - Ayurvedic Tooth Powder/ paste can be sold thru departmental stores / Grocery shop /Organic stores/ chemist/herbs shops/Indian product shop/dispensing vaid (doctors)/naturopathy stores as safe Ayurvedic dental tooth powder. YDM Yunadent - Ayurvedic Tooth Powder is the Best invention from Aayam Herbal and Research industries.

We have done the test marketing of Yunadent which is our self formulated product for more than 5 years as regional player, Now we wish to expand our business Globally.

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