Are You Suffering from Caries Problem & Need a Natural Solution?

Dental caries are also known as tooth decay, cavities, or caries. It is the breakdown of teeth due to bacterial activities. The cavity may be of various colors yellow or black. They may pain while eating.

The early signs of the caries start are a small patch of softened enamel which appears at the surface of the tooth. The harm spreads into the softer & sensitive part of the tooth which is present beneath the enamel, also called as dentine. The weakened enamel then collapses to form a cavity and the tooth is progressively destroyed. Caries can also attack the roots of teeth should they become exposed by gum recession. This is more common in older adults.

What causes caries?

The prime cause of dental caries is the action of acids on the enamel surface. This damaging acid is produced when sugars mainly sucrose present in our food reacts with bacteria present in the dental biofilm (plaque) on the tooth surface. The acid which gets produced more often than not leads to demineralization.

Fighting Caries:


  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with Yunadent.
  • Regularly clean your tooth-brush.
  • The meals should be very balanced.
  • Consuming fluoridated water is good & advised.

Regularly Use Organic Yunadent  ….it’s safe and effective.


Yunadent Dental Medicine is an Ayurvedic Tooth Powder and Past. This paste and powder is manufactured using an herbal and natural process.

Our production methodology is very hygienic and it involves sun drying, grinding, hand sieving, and hand mixing. The herbs which we use are of very high-quality. These herbs are brought in the most suitable season and then packed under quality control methods.

Our methodology ensures that the organic value of the herb is not changed. All our herbal products are duly approved by the Govt. of India, Ayurvedic Department Ajmer.

 Prevention is better than cure & Yunadent delivers.

 Thousands of people across the world who suffer from the problem of caries tooth trust only Yunadent. Its regular massage helps you not only in sensitive tooth but also in Periodontitis as well.

This medicinal toothpaste protects you from many other oral ailments.

Visit our website www.yunadent.com for complete details and give us an opportunity to keep your gums healthy forever.

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